Models: Jade, Mike, Trent

Trent and Mike are sitting with Jade watching TV. Trent turns it off declaring that there's nothing on. Jade wants to go out but says a game night will be just as fun. She suggests "spin the bottle" and whomever the bottle lands on will get to fuck her. After landing on Trent, Mike protests by saying he wants a 2 out of 3 go-round. When the bottle lands closest to Trent again, Mike admits defeat and hunkers down to watch Trent and Jade fuck each other.

Trent mounts up and gets on top of Jade. Jade is very aware of Mike being in the room and makes sure he's okay by asking him to direct them. Mike happily agrees and starts telling them what to do as if he's the director of some sort of twisted porn that would put two men in a room with a woman while only one gets to touch the goods!

At Mike's direction, Trent starts licking Jade's tits and then takes her underwear off with his teeth. Jade feels like Mike is left out and invites him to sit closer. Mike moves onto the couch and whips out his big uncut cock to hold in his hand as he watches Trent take on Jade. Jade goes down on Trent. His cock literally grows in her mouth as she sucks away and makes her man get bigger. Trent has a nice thick one with a set of lowhangers that won't quit. Jade needs it bad and hops on Trent's giant pole with ease. Mike comments and directs all the way through telling the two of them exactly what he wants to see.

Trent stuffs Jade's hole in a bunch of different positions making Mike ready to blow. Trent takes over doggie style and goes to town on the hole in front of him. Jade can't get enough cock inside her and she moans and groans as Trent starts to sweat as his humps. He keeps going, fucking harder and harder as Mike jacks his fully erect dick to the brink of no return.

After fucking Jade like there's no tomorrow, Trent goes down on her pussy. The sight of that, along with his desire to taste it, makes Mike ready to blow. He holds off like a gentleman, waiting for the lady to go first. "Is she cumming?" he asks Trent. When Trent says "yes", all bets are off and Mike lets loose a river of cum. It oozes out of his uncut tip and runs down his shaft and over his freshly shaved balls. There's so much thick cum that it runs down into his jeans and he dabs it up with his fingers, wiping it away so he can tuck his dick back inside his pants like nothing ever happened.

Once Trent knows Mike has had his day in the sun, he lets go of a load of his own. He gets over Jade and blasts his own brand of jizz all over her. He's in a frenzy beating his meat, and what a relief it is to get it all out all over her tits and stomach!

The two boys give a high five for a night's work well done. Jade laughs and tells them not to act like they're in high school before she throws Mike out into the night, telling him that he got his show and that it's time to go home. Mike isn't happy to hit the skids, but he's satisfied with what he saw and with the way he got to drain his balls!

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