Models: AJ, Kitty, Stovy

AJ and Kitty are at home on the couch and debating ordering food. AJ phones in an order and they decide to pass the time it will take to get in some fucking. AJ goes right for Kitty's tits and before long she's on all fours taking AJ's big cock doggie style. Just when things are getting rough and rowdy, the doorbell rings and the food shows up. AJ answers the door with his pants barely pulled up and in walks Stovy, the delivery boy.

Stovy is taken aback by the site of a naked lady in the living room and has no idea what he's in for! AJ invites him to watch and Stovy happily takes his place on the couch to settle in for a nice show. Stovy's hands find their place in his pants and as AJ goes down on Kitty, Stovy's cock comes out to play. When AJ starts fucking his girl, the delivery boy decides to jump into the action and he inches over to let Kitty suck his cock.

Kitty's mouth feels good and soon Stovy is fully hard. AJ calls for a switch and as Stovy shoves his big hard dick inside Kitty's wet pussy, AJ takes the front and gets his dick sucked while he watches the delivery boy fuck his woman from behind.

They switch it up over and over, taking turns plowing Kitty's hole and getting full frontal service at the same time. They sit on the couch next to each other and Kitty fucks them both riding cowgirl as the guys take turns jacking and watching. AJ is about to blow his load but asks to fuck Kitty one last time. He does it with gusto and pumps hard and fast for the win. He pulls out and blasts a thick creamy white load all over himself. It rolls out in burst after burst and even Stovy comments that the load is impressive!

The whole idea of being in his situation with Kitty in front of him and her man jizzing all over himself in the living room brings Stovy to the breaking point. He sits on the edge of the couch, points his big hard dick towards the floor and shoots his wad into his free hand. He gets his hand good and makes a mess all over the floor!

It was a nice surprise for the delivery boy and a fantasy come true for the couple. Stovy gets up to leave, afraid of what might happen when he gets back to work a half hour late. AJ throws money at Stovy for the food order and he leaves satisfied as AJ goes back down on his lady for another round of fun!

Tags: big cock, blond, smooth chest

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