Bizzle & Zack Tag Team

Models: Bizzle, Nicky, Zack

Bizzle (yes, that’s his name, he even has it tattooed on his chest) and Zack are on here for their first time Tag Team three way!

Bizzle like doing it doggy style and Zack’ll do it every which way! He’s an ass man where Bizzle looks for a pretty face.

Enter Nicky, who puts the boys immediately at ease. Bizzle makes the first move saying, “nice titties” and bolding reaching over to feel them up. Zack helps himself to a mouthful of breast and they each tongue and lick Nicky’s tits.

She reaches into both boys pants to access their respective meat. They both strip off their pants and sit back enjoying the hand jobs they are getting. With their jock cocks standing at attention, Nicky leans over and sucks on Bizzle’s stiff stick while jacking Zack at the same time.

Zack stands up first, Bizzle follows as Nicky takes turns sucking first Bizzle’s dicks then Zack’s. The guys love it, of course, watching each other get head. When Bizzle gets his hot rod deep throated and sucks in a deep breath it’s Zack who’s face lights up seeing his pal get off!

Back on the sofa, Bizzle enters Nicky from behind as Zack gets a killer blow job. Zack’s hard cock speaks for itself how hot he is watching Bizzle fuck!

Zack takes Bizzle’s place, sliding his long cock into Nicky. He pounds her hard, putting on a show for Bizzle! Smiling as they both fuck the same girl together, Bizzle raises his hand for high five!

Bizzle is kissing Nicky as she sits on Zack’s cock. Still riding Zack, she leans down and sucks Bizzle’s dick for a moment before sitting up and kissing Zack on the lips.

Bizzle shoots his sticky white jizz right on Nicky’s mouth and chin. She rolls over and kisses Zack. Even as he wipes Bizzle’s cum from his chin, he says he’s down to come back and do another 3 way again!

Tags: bi, big cock, blow job, buddies

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