Bobby & Brock Do Molly!

Models: Bobby Freeman, Brock Avery, Molly Mayhem

Brock and Bobby are getting kinda horny as they do their yard work. Acknowledging that they are both ready to get off, they give Molly a call with the pretense that she'll be helping them with the gardening!

Molly has other ideas and suggests they all strip off their shirts. Brock kisses Molly, shoving his tongue down her throat as Bobby feels up her hot ass. Bobby is the first to pull down his pants and Molly drops to her knees to suck on his fat stiffening cock. Brock opens his jeans and feeds his own big meat into Molly's face.

These two buddies stand shoulder to shoulder taking turns face fucking the same girl!

Deciding to take it indoors, they grab their clothes and hit the bed. Bobby eats Molly out as she deep throats Brock's thick meatstick! They trade places and Brock slips his dick inside her, and fucks her hard. Bobby is right by his side, encouraging him to fuck her as hard as he can. Bobby's rock hard rod shows just how turned on he is watching his best friend fuck!

Now it's Bobby's turn to fuck Molly, and pound her he does! Watch these two hot boys get naked and fuck together!

Tags: ass play, big cock, black, buddies

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